Jim Miller showed why he’s one of the lightweight division’s best tonight with a dominant win over Kamal Shalorus.

There was no feeling out process in this fight as both men immediately got down to the business of throwing bombs at each other.

Miller was getting the better of it, including repeatedly landing right hooks that eventually brought about a mouse under Shalorus’ left eye. Shalorus has an excellent chin though as was proven beyond all doubt when Miller then landed cleanly with a head kick and the Iranian simply ate it and kept swinging.

Towards the end of the round Miller let Shalorus back into the fight when he tried to pull guard with a guillotine but didn’t get a proper grip of it and as a result Shalorus landed on top. From there he tried to work some ground and pound, but Miller did a good job of stifling his offense and forced a stand-up, before finishing the round off with some more strikes on the feet.

Miller looked confident in the second, and in the early stages even attempted a flying triangle, though he isn’t able to pull it off. He continued to impress though as he managed to take down Shalorus, something that’s easier said than done.

From their he slickly transitioned to his back and spent much of the rest of the round fighting to sink in a rear-naked choke. Despite frequent attempts he couldn’t get his arm under his opponent’s chin though and so it goes to the third with Miller very much in control.

The final round starts in relatively uneventful fashion until Miller lands a big uppercut right to the chin that snaps Shalorus’ head back. Shalorus then ducks, perhaps looking for a takedown, and Miller capitalizes with a brutal knee to the face that floors him.

Miller then gives Shalorus no time to recover, launching a ground and pound assault that leaves the Iranian’s face pouring with blood and forces an end to the fight.

This was another impressive performance by Miller, not only dominating Shalorus, but becoming the first man to defeat him. With seven consecutive wins on his record this could be the kind of performance that could push him towards a title shot at 155lbs in the near future.