Jim Rome is one of the most high profile media members to get caught up in the Chael Sonnen hype both pre and post UFC 117, becoming a regular talking point on his radio and TV shows.

It was in fact Rome’s show that Sonnen appeared on to discuss his controversial comments regarding cyclist Lance Armstrong’s alleged steroid abuse, infamously denying that it was him that said those things despite Rome playing him audio of the interview he had given about it.

Naturally once news of the middleweight contender’s own alleged steroid use broke, it was not long before Rome was talking about it on his show.

“If that’s the case then he’s on the clock and his fifteen minutes [of fame] are moving fast,” was Rome’s verdict on the fighter.

While Rome is waiting to see what happens he can’t help but point to the signs that Sonnen may indeed have been using performance enhancers.

“I don’t know if Sonnen did it or not, but he was a rather anonymous figure not long ago. Now, I think part of this is the way he ran his mouth. The guy talked himself into being a household name, the guy talked himself into popularity.

“But it wouldn’t have meant anything if he didn’t back it up, and the guy was fighting lights out. He was not highly regarded and then all of a sudden he started to fight lights out. Fought a great fight, got a title shot. Made the most of the title shot, had that fight won before getting in trouble late and losing.”

According to the media personality this is a situation that stems far beyond just Sonnen, or indeed the sport of mixed martial arts.

“To me… MMA, UFC, they’re facing the same issue that every single sport faces.  Guys are looking for an edge. Guys are looking to get over.  And as long as they think the that the reward outweighs the risk, they’re going to do it.”

Listen to his full thoughts on the situation in the video below.

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