Joe Lauzon Shocks Melvin Guillard With Quick Victory At UFC 136

Joe Lauzon was the underdog going into tonight’s fight with the high-flying Melvin Guillard, but he had no intentions of taking second prize and produced the biggest upset of the night so far.

What was so surprising about Lauzon’s win was that his route to victory started on the feet when he caught the dangerous striker with a flush left hook that wobbled him and left him off-balance.

That was the cue for Lauzon to swoop in and take Guillard to the mat, immediately transitioning to his back and working for the rear-naked choke, before getting the inevitable tap with just 47 seconds on the clock.

This was a huge win for Lauzon as Guillard was being touted as a potential title contender at 155lbs after piecing together five straight victories. Once again it just goes to prove how stacked the lightweight division really is with so many of the fighters being capable of beating anyone else in the weight class on their day.


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