Joe Rogan And Joe Silva’s Reaction To Gerald Harris KO Slam

In the prelims for UFC 116 Gerald Harris produced one of the most memorable knockouts of the year so far.

When his opponent David Branch jumped into his standing guard mid-way through the final round Harris wasted no time in slamming him straight to the canvas, and with his forearm pressed underneath his chin for good measure so his opponent’s head took the brunt of the blow.

Branch was KO’d instantly, and Harris claimed the win, and later the $75,000 bonus for ‘Knockout Of The Night’.

The 30 year-old middleweight fighter is now 17-2 in his pro career, 3-0 in the UFC, and is on a 10 fight winning streak, which surely sets the stage for a step up to the main card and a bigger name opponent in the near future.

Watch below as both color commentator Joe Rogan’s jaw drops and matchmaker Joe Silva cringes as they watch the brutal slam occur right in front of them at cage-side.

Joe Silva has a nice line in animated reactions to these sort of things. For instance, check out how he felt about Jon Jones spinning elbow on Stephan Bonnar a couple of years ago.


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