Who are the top 8 fighters ever to emerge from ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality series? That was the question the newly shaven headed Joe Rogan sat down to establish on the latest episode of ‘UFC Ultimate Insider’ earlier this week.

Check out his list below.

8. Nate Diaz (Season 5 winner)

7. Josh Koscheck (Season 1 semi-finalist)

6. Diego Sanchez (Season 1 winner)

5. Michael Bisping (Season 3 winner)

4. Kenny Florian (Season 1 finalist)

3. Gray Maynard (Season 5 semi-finalist)

2. Forrest Griffin (Season 1 winner)

1. Rashad Evans (season 2 winner)

More than anything what Rogan’s list shows us is just how much talent the UFC uncovered in the early stages of the TUF show, with half of the fighter’s listed coming from the first season alone. It’s also notable that there’s not a single fighter from season 6 in 2007 onwards.

It’s also interesting to see how some fighters have progressed further than others over the years despite not making an immediate impression.

For instance, Kenny Florian was fairly soundly beaten by Diego Sanchez in the Season 1 finale, yet he places higher on the list and has gone on to three title shots while Sanchez has had just one.

Similarly, Nate Diaz defeated Gray Maynard in the semi-finals of season 5, yet Maynard would go on to defeat him by split decision in 2010 and then earn a title shot, something Diaz hasn’t yet achieved – though he’s about to head into a No.1 contender bout at ‘UFC On FOX 3’ in May so he still has a chance to surpass ‘The Bully’.