UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has joined a growing number of people who are calling for the UFC to do the right thing and let Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino fight at her natural 145lb weight class rather than continuing to force her to fight at a 140lb catchweight.

In an empassioned plea on social media, Rogan suggested that the right move would be for the promotion to start a new woman’s featherweight division.

“@ufc please open up a 145lbs division for @criscyborg,” Rogan began in a lengthy post on his Twitter account. “Her torturing herself to make 140 is insane and she’s incredibly entertaining.

“Women’s MMA is growing in leaps and bounds and it would be amazing if there were more weight classes. I think that if the @UFC opened up more WMMA divisions the level of talent in each division would grow like it has in new men’s divisions. The level of talent in each division seems to rise to the standard of the champion. @criscyborg is a killer and would be a fierce champion.

“Obviously this is all just my opinion. @UFC is awesome and it’ll all get sorted out eventually. I just had to chirp. I hate hard weight cuts.”

The main stumbling is that there’s just not a whole lot of talented 145lb woman out there right now to build a whole division from.

More divisions would also mean more fighters that need regular fights, which would lead to more events than, at a time when the UFC’s schedule is already becoming more congested than ever.

However, even if the UFC decides against starting a featherweight division, there’s no reason why ‘Cyborg’ can’t just be allowed to fight at 145lbs in the future rather than 140lbs.