UFC color-commentator Joe Rogan has seen from the inside the promotion grow from humble beginnings through to it’s major network TV debut on FOX this evening, and after the show he took time out to talk with Ariel Helwani to give his reaction to the event.

– Ideally Rogan would have liked it if the Guida Vs Henderson fight had also made the FOX broadcast since it was a great showcase of MMA and introduction for the mainstream audience.

– He feels Dos Santos executed his gameplan perfectly, but on the other hand was surprised that Velasquez didn’t try to engage the Brazilian in a grappling contest from the opening bell.

– According to Rogan, Velasquez was rumored to have had a knee sprain and had a cortisone shot before the fight. “I know for a fact it’s true.”

He ponders whether that affected his performance and points to the fact that Velasquez also weighed in heavier than usual and looked a little soft as indications that he wasn’t at 100%.

Nevertheless he believes that even a completely healthy Velasquez would have been in trouble with the punch that Dos Santos landed.

– Rogan agrees with the referee stoppage.

– Regarding whether the quick end to the fight was bad for the UFC on such a big night, Rogan admits it could affect the overall ratings, but feels it also showcased the unpredictable nature of the sport.

Regardless of the ratings the show gets Rogan now feels that the UFC is set with it’s TV deal on FOX to continue to grow and flourish.

“It’s pretty much unstoppable. It’s too exciting, it’s too good.”

– Behind the scenes Rogan said that a lot of the staff were stressed out due to the magnitude of the event, but to him it didn’t feel too much different except for the number of new people who were involved.

– The new heavyweight champion can pose problems for either of his next two potential opponents Alistair Overeem or Brock Lesnar says Rogan.

– Rogan is set to return as the host of Fear Factor in December.

Check out the full interview below courtesy of MMAfighting.


  1. “That was totally f*cked on Fox.” “A watered down broadcast cut into Perceived pallateable bites to be consumed by the great unwashed. Dana…..what the F*ck have you done?” As a hardcore Canadian fan since UFC 2, seeing my favorite sport reduced to a 1 hour episode on the “Free Fight Night” was criminal……..Nice when commercials cut to the fight already resumed….Amateur and Foolish. They are lucky they didn’t have a blood bath cause the fucking phone lines would have melted from idiots who don’t understand the sport.I am just shocked and dissapointed as are My Canadian friends who travel with me to UFC in Vegas…..YOU Have f*cked up HUGE!”