Joe Rogan Suggests He’s Considered Leaving His UFC Commentary Role

As the UFC has grown over the years, color commentator Joe Rogan has become an integral part of the company, but recent comments suggest that the comedian and avid MMA fan may be contemplating leaving, or at least cutting back on, what he once described as his “dream job.”

Speaking on his live podcast on UStream after returning home from commentary duties at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, Rogan got into a discussion with his friend ‘Redban’ about the merits of watching the UFC at home rather than live.

“There will come a time when I’ll be watching it on TV, I’m not going to do this forever,” he admitted. “Eventually though I’m just going to do stand-up (comedy). I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but…maybe sooner than later – I don’t like all this traveling.”

Later he added, “You know what’s going to happen eventually – I’ll probably just going to do the Vegas ones eventually, I’ll just do some of them.”

It doesn’t sound like he’s made up his mind yet, but his comments come as somewhat of a surprise considering how much he’s known to have enjoyed his role alongside Mike Goldberg over the years.

At the same time his current thoughts on his role are understandable. Rogan is now 42 years of age with a wife and child and remains active as a stand-up comic doing regular shows and even the occasional DVD release.

Meanwhile the UFC is now stepping up a gear as they look to continue it’s rapid growth around the world. That means more events, and more exotic locations. In the first few months of this year alone they’ve already had their first events in Australia and Abu Dhabi, while far-flung destinations like Afghanistan and China are believed to be targeted for shows in the near future.

That’s a busy schedule in anybody’s book, and it’s hard to blame him for contemplating cutting back in the future.

Despite his comments though, there’s no doubting Rogan’s commitment and passion to the sport. When discussing the UFC 112 event, as he does for a significant part of the podcast, he remains as animated, engaging and knowledgeable as ever.

If he ever does decide to call it a day then there’s no doubt that it will be a major blow for the UFC.

Watch his full podcast 2 hour podcast for yourselves below. His comments regarding his UFC gig start at aprox 53mins.

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