Joe Rogan UFC 114 Q&A Session

Between all the hype surrounding the Rampage Vs Evans fight, plus the UFC Fan Expo going on in Las Vegas you may not have realized that UFC color-commentator Joe Rogan was the special guest for UFC 114’s Q&A session prior to the event.

Here’s some highlights from the session for UFC Fight Club members which took place prior to the weigh-ins.

On Josh Koscheck allegedly faking injuries

“One way you could look at it is that Josh Koscheck is a master of playing mind games.  He loves to talk sh*t, he’s love to get inside guys heads.”

“…you could say that he’s trying to do that to f*ck with Paul Daley’s head, and if that’s the case then you know, it probably works.”

“Josh is the biggest black hat in the sport, he takes pride in it.  He’s a nice guy outside of that, if you meet him he’s a really cool guy.”

On Anderson’s Bizarre Performance At UFC 112:

“I’ve never saw a guy act that crazy in a fight, and scream and yell at his opponent, and all the gesturing he was doing.  I think it was sort of like a kind of an emotional moment for him, you know?   You want to say ‘moment’ instead of ‘breakdown’ because he didn’t break down, but definitely he lost who he was, he got crazy and then he stopped fighting.

“I think the reason he stopped fighting – this is only my personal opinion – the reason why he started dancing around in the fourth and the fight round, I think he got tired, that’s what I think happened.  I think all that explosive stuff he was doing, I think that wears you out.  It’s not like a normal pace, it’s like sprinting, and we were in a very humid climate, outdoors for the first time.”

On the insects in Abu Dhabi:

“There were these insects flying around that looked like birds – it was a freaky place!”

On how a Joe Rogan Vs Carlos Mencia Fight Would Go Down:

“That fat f*ck is only fighting his conscience.  He’d probably start crying before it even got started.”

On criticism from Nick And Nate Diaz that the UFC commentary is biased

“I try to be as unbiased as is humanly possible, you know?  There is styles you favor and there’s fighters that you favor – I am a huge Nick Diaz fan and a huge Nate Diaz fan.  So if anybody I’m gonna be favoring, I’m gonna be favoring those dudes.  I like that they talk a lot of sh*t, I like their fight style, I like that they back it up, I like everything about those dudes…I like that they smoke a lot of weed…”

On Eddie Bravo’s rubber guard and why it’s not seen in MMA more often:

“Well, two reasons – one, you have to get really good at it, and it takes a long time.  It’s like saying ‘why don’t we see that many high kicks in MMA’.  It’s because you know, it’s hard to get good at kicking someone in the head, but when it lands, god damn that sh*t’s effective, right?”

“There’s a lot involved in the rubber guard.  It’s very technical, it’s very complicated and it requires a tremendous amount of repetition under the guidance of a really good coach, and Eddie’s the only guy that teaches it.  I mean he’s got guys who teach it who’ve learned it from him, but it’s his system.  So to learn the system correctly you’ve got to be taking it under him, and the truth is he just doesn’t have that many guys under his tutelage who are fighting in MMA.”

On pound-for-pound match-ups he’d like to see:

“I would like to see  maybe, you know, GSP put on some weight and fight Anderson.  I would love to see Anderson fight Fedor, I think that’s one of the most exciting match-ups out there….cos you know Fedor’s only 230.  Anderson walks around, when he fights at light-heavyweight, he walks around 225, that’s nothing man, and he’s a tall guy with a lot of room.  I think that would be a very exciting fight.”

On who he would like to see replace him if he ever retired from commentating:

“Kenny florian – yeah, I think he’s the best at it.”

On whether he is going to retire (question from Mike Goldberg):

“I dunno man, I can’t do this forever – I’ll die someday.  The sport will roll on.” Goldberg then interjects to say that he’ll miss him. “I’ll miss you too,” Rogan replies before joking, “…I think you’ll be dead first though…i’m pretty sure.”

On Jon Jones:

“I think Jones is one of the most exciting prospects in the division, in the sport in general.  He’s just a tremendous athlete and he’s got a strong mind, he’s just a very, very, very bright guy.  When you talk to him he’s very clear in his focus, he’s really dedicated, doing all the right things…and he’s so strong, the way he throws guys around, and it’s just so unusual, his technique.  It’s really interesting the way he puts it, he does what he calls low percentage moves, but he does them so often that they become high percentage.”

“Not only that, like he’s really awkward striking wise.  He does a lot of like really wild, unpredictable stuff that’s very difficult to time.  He’s very fast…you know I’m very, very high on Jon Jones, very high on that guy.”

On Smoking A Joint And Then Doing Jiu-Jitsu:

“Rickson Gracie does that, BJ Penn…shhh, don’t tell anybody!  There’s a lot of dudes who like to smoke weed and do jiu-jitsu.”

On Judging In MMA:

They need monitors, that’s definitely one thing they definitely need, but they also need to know what’s happening.  If you’ve got monitors but you don’t know what a kimura is it doesn’t really help.  They really should have a certain amount of ability as far as martial arts go, they should have some training, I really believe that.  At the highest level of the game for people to not know what’s happening and to be judging those fights –  it’s a disgrace.  It’s a huge, huge problem we have.”

“The scoring system that’s in place is very flawed, and on top of that, I think the people that should be judging the fight should be fans of the sport.”

On Jose Aldo:

“I would love to see him fight BJ Penn, I think that’s one of the best match-ups at 155 there is.”

On three of the most memorable fights he’s commentated on:

“Leonard Garcia Vs The Korean Zombie. That was probably the craziest fight I’ve ever called.”

[Mike Goldberg offers up Forrest Griffin Vs Stephan Bonnar and Chuck Liddell Vs Wanderlei Silva]

“Chris Leben Vs Anderson Silva, that was another crazy fight, to call.”

On his Favorite PRIDE fight:

“Maybe Rampage Wanderlei 2, the second one, you know, that was a real good one.  I mean there’s been so many of them, you know.  Also Royce Gracie – Sakuraba, that was the crazy fight.  I mean it wasn’t the most exciting fighting because it was like ninety minutes long, but historically it’s probably one of the most important fights in MMA history.”

On the two guys he want’s to see in the UFC:

“Alistair Overeem.  You know, especially after he just demolished Brett Rogers.  I just think he’s the most dangerous striker in the heavyweight division.”

“I’d love to see Nick Diaz come back over here.  I think Nick Diaz is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.  I personally think he’s top ten in the world, he’s outstanding – he’s one of the best.”

On the most intense staredown he’s seen at the weigh-ins:

“Maybe Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir.  There was some serious tension between those two before their second fight.”

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