Joey Beltran Posts Pictures Of His Leg And Eye Injuries Following Pat Barry Fight

On Saturday night UFC heavyweight fighter Joey Beltran received some painful injuries in his fight with Pat Barry who kicked his leg so hard he could barely stand on it in the closing minutes of the bout, and to make matters worse inadvertently poked him in the eye.

Afterwards Barry stated that he’d love to see a picture of Beltran’s leg on Monday to see just how much damage was caused.

Beltran has now duly obliged, but it turns out it doesn’t look half as bad as everyone was expecting, merely looking swollen. A picture of his eye that he also posted on his Twitter account is a different story however.

Beltran’s Leg:

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Beltran’s Eye:

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According to Beltran the real damage was done not to his legs, but to his eyeball.  It was evident after the eyepoke happened that Beltran was having great difficulty seeing out of the eye, and at one point it looked as if the fight may have been close to being stopped after he struggled to see how many fingers the cagside doctor was holding up. In the end he was allowed to continue, but from that moment on he was at the mercy of Barry and just barely survived until the final bell.

Along with the pictures Beltran also posted his thoughts on the fight.

“Just watched my fight an pretty bummed that I wasn’t allowed to work on the cage. I was busy with pummeling and strikes yet constantly restarted by Yamasaki. Anybody remember couture vs gonzaga? I knew I had no business in the open mat with @hypeordie but was constantly restarted. oh well what’s done is done. But I know that was my fight and 3rd round before the eyepoke. But I would never take the easy way out or ever quit on @UFC fans. I survived 2 mins with one eye and one leg against a K1 kikboxer. So I am done complaining but sh*t @danawhite if you don’t want a fighter like me on your roster its all good. I have and will continue to entertain with a gladiator mentality because that is all I know how to do. Thanks twitter im out.”

Though clearly frustrated with the way thing turned out, Beltran still had good things to say about his opponent.

“I also want to say @hypeordie you fought a great fight and you’re cool as shit. Had a blast at the afterparty TEAM ROUFUS SPORT are animals!”

Meanwhile Barry himself, who’s finished three previous opponents in his MMA career by leg kicks, is still trying to figure out how Beltran remained standing during the prolonged assault on his limb.

“I’ve never ever ever kicked anybody so many times without them falling or quitting. REAL LIFE ZOMBIE!!!”

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