John Dodson TKO’s TJ Dillashaw To Become First Bantamweight Ultimate Fighter

The always exciting John Dodson delivered a quick TKO victory over TJ Dillashaw at the TUF 14 Finale this evening to become the UFC’s first ever bantamweight ‘Ultimate Fighter’.

The round started somewhat tentatively and somewhat surprisingly Dillashaw was looking to stand with Dodson rather than use his ground skills.

That would cost him before long when Dodson caught him with an awkward left hook that didn’t connect cleanly, but nevertheless still toppled him to the mat.

Dodson’s reactions were so quick that he was able to land a further two hard punches before the dazed Dillashaw had fully hit the the ground and referee Herb Dean jumped in to call a halt to the contest with 1.54mins on the clock.

It seemed like a little bit of a premature stoppage as Dillashaw was in the process of scrambling at the timeand reaching for his opponents leg, but to be fair he then got to his feet and appeared to be struggling to find his balance.

Meanwhile Dodson was leaping around the cage in excitement, doing his trademark backflips off the cage. In fact even after being announced the winner and presented with the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ trophy by Dana White he was still dancing around the Octagon and cackling with laughter.

By contrast Dillashaw looked crestfallen, simply shaking his head in disbelief at the quick stoppage that put an end to his unbeaten run as a professional.


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