John Hathaway Eases To Decision Win Over John Maguire

John Hathaway eased to a comfortable unanimous decision victory tonight over fellow Brit, John Maguire at ‘UFC On Fuel TV 5’.

Maguire looked tenative in the stand-up action in the opening round as Hathaway took the center of the Octagon and pushed the pace.

Hathaway mixed in punches with the occasional kick upstairs, but didn’t land anything that really phased his opponent, while Maguire’s most meaningful strike came a via a clean counter left hook which landed when Hathaway overcommited to a combination.

Onto round two and Hathaway looked to change things up, securing his first solid takedown of the fight. That’s where the action stayed for the rest of the round as hathaway kept a workman-like pace, implementing his ground and pound game while ensuring that Maguire had no real opportunity to throw up a meaningful submission attempt.

Despite not having sustained too much visible damage so far Maguire really needed to do something big in the third round, but he really looked devoid of ideas out there and remained happy to just work off the back foot while hathaway continued to pepper him with kicks and punches from a relatively safe distance.

Finally, with just 90 seconds to go Maguire finally came to life and charged forward, grabbing ahold of Hathaway and landing a solid takedown.

He was looking for a submission, but he’s left it late and Hathaway stalled him by putting him into his guard. Maguire struggled to get anything going and ate a couple of upkicks from Hathaway in the final 10 seconds.

Needless to say the judges gave Hathaway the decision (30-27 x3). Overall it’s an efficient, but certainly not particularly exciting win for Hathaway, and a lackluster showing from Maguire.


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