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Jon Bones Jones Develops His Game Under Greg Jackson’s Guidance

Up and coming light heavyweight fighter Jon ‘Bones’ Jones is currently preparing for the most high profile fight of his 9-0 career to date – headlining The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Finale against Mark Hamill.

One of the more interesting facts about Jones is that originally he taught himself many of the striking techniques he now uses by watching video clips on the net.  As his fighting career has become more serious however he has of course sought professional coaching assistance, and the 22 year old’s game is now being refined by renowned MMA trainer Greg Jackson .

In a new interview with The Sporting News website, he discusses how Jackson is helping him become a more well rounded fighter.

“Greg is big on getting his athletes to close up their gaps. My jiu-jitsu has to be my weakest department so he’s trying to close that hole up. I’ve been doing a lot of wrestling and a lot of jiu-jitsu.”

After his last victory over Jake O Brien at UFC 100 Jones stated that he was looking to cut back on the number of ‘fancy’ moves that he had become known for in the octagon – like the spinning back fist he landed on Stephan Bonnar for instance.  It would appear that Greg Jackson has since convinced him otherwise though.

“One thing about Greg Jackson is that he sees who I am and he respects who I am and he allows me to be who I am. He tells me every day, “I love your creativity, Jon. I want more of that. What is that called? Do more of that funky thing.” He loves it. The only thing he forces is for me to be able to push the pace. Instead of one flying knee, he wants six flying knees per round. Instead of a few jabs, he wants 20 jabs per round. He wants combinations, he wants punches in bunches. He wants (me) to use the base of (conventional) fighting to set up the funkiness. He embraces it, he just wants me to take pride in this new set of lungs that I have.”

Having already made an impact in the UFC this early in his career, Bones is only going to improve under Jackson’s tutlelage, and that makes him a serious prospect at 205lbs.

Stay tuned to https://mmainsight.com next week when we will take an in-depth look at Jon Jones and his career to date.

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