BJ Penn Vs Jon Fitch was perhaps one of the most hastily arranged UFC fights we’ve seen in quite some time.

On Sunday BJ’s brother JD revealed that Dana White and Joe Silva offered him the fight in the locker room after his 21 second KO of Matt Hughes. Now Fitch has revealed that he was offered the fight just moment later.

“Joe Silva had (AKA manager) Crazy Bob (Cook) call me last night right before the press conference, to see if we would accept the fight, and we said yes, so Dana was able to announce it that quickly,” Fitch tells USA Today.

For Fitch accepting the fight was a no-brainer.

“This is my second opportunity to fight a legend,” Fitch says . “You’ve got to beat a legend to become a legend, so this is a great opportunity for that.”

The former No.1 contender at welterweight admits he was surprised to be given the opportunity though, especially since he was already scheduled to fight Jake Ellenberger at UFC 126.

“I’m pretty surprised. I already had a fight signed and ready to go. It’s not very often that they switch up opponents like that unless there’s an injury or something like that.

I’m surprised that they switched opponents, but I’m glad they did. I think it’s an awesome match-up, I think it’s an awesome fight, I think the fans are going to be very happy about this.”

Fitch is right to be excited.  He now gets to fight an opponent with far greater name recognition and star power, someone who could finally cement his place as the definitive No.1 contender again.  On top of that it’s also a rare chance to headline a UFC event.

It’s also good news for the fans.  The original UFC 127 headliner was rumored to be Michael Bisping Vs Jorge Rivera.  This newly arranged bout feels far more worthy of top billing though.