Jon Fitch Grinds Out Win Over Thiago Alves

There was a lot riding on tonight’s rematch between top welterweight contenders Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves with a title shot potentially in the offing for the winner.

At first Fitch appeared happy to exchange with Alves on the feet, but inevitably it was only going to be so long before he looked to take the fight to the floor. Alves is not easy to take down these days, but despite making life awkward Fitch finally managed to secure the takedown and from then on the fight swung firmly in Fitch’s favor.

The rest of the fight essentially played out with Fitch controlling his opponent on the mat, though Alves battled gamely throughout to avoid submission attempts and occasionally find a way to struggle back to his feet. Fitch was relentless though and gave Alves little opportunity to show off his dangerous muay thai striking.

By the final bell the winner was in no doubt and Fitch earned a clean sweep in the judges scorecards.

The question now is whether claiming his seventh straight decision victory will be enough to earn him a title shot. Dana White claimed it would be earlier in the week, but then appeared to backtrack yesterday, saying that the winner of Jake Shields Vs Martin Kampmann is also in the running.


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