Jon Jones put in another dominating display this evening at UFC 135 against Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson leaving everybody questioning who can beat this young phenom.

The first round started strangely when Jones came out on all fours and circled Rampage in this stance. Before long he was up though and clinched his opponent up against the fence for a while, producing an early lull in the action.

When they finally broke up Jones began to work his strikes, keeping at range and using a variety of kicks to the legs, front kicks to the body and even head kicks.

Meanwhile the distance gap was proving difficult for Rampage to negotiate and so in the closing stages of the round he simply charged forward wildly throwing winging punches, but he failed to connect as Jones swiftly moved out of reach.

Onto round two and Rampage was still struggling to find his rhythm and looked hesitant while Jones continued to dig into his repertoire of kick based techniques from a safe distance.

The most exciting and unexpected moment of the fight so far happened in the final ten seconds while the two were clinched up when Jones suddenly jumped up and pulled guard, moving immediately for a triangle choke which was on the verge of being locked in when the bell went.

The third round started with Rampage throwing a few rare leg kicks. Suddenly Jones swooped down for one of his legs and used it to finally get his opponent to the mat. Instantly Jones moved into side control and shortly afterwards found himself in mount.

He made use of the position by landing some of his patented chopping elbows and opened up a cut to the side of Rampage’s right eye, but shortly afterwards the former champion managed to buck free and get back to his feet.

Then the stand-up assault continued with Rampage still failing to land anything meaningful of his own, while Jones began to really get loose, showing off more of his creative arsenal of techniques including a clever moment when he momentarily looked away and then turned back while firing off a straight punch down the pipe that landed.

Onto the fourth round and Jones was in complete control of this fight. Rampage tried to press forward but Jones clipped him with a strike and forced him to retreat.

Then the two got into a clinch and Jones dragged Jackson to the mat close to the cage. Rampage got to his knees but Jones reacted immediately and went for the rear-naked choke. It was deep and forced the tap with 1.14mins gone in the round.

As with all his previous fights, from start to finish this was all about Jones, dominating another highly respected MMA veteran while barely even breaking a sweat.

Next up will be another former champion Rashad Evans who was brought into the cage to confirm that he will be the next fighter to challenge Jones, and with their history together at Jacksons MMA that’s a fight that certainly holds a lot of interest and intrigue.