Earlier today UFC star Jon Jones was involved in a car crash just weeks out from his February 5th fight with Ryan Bader at UFC 126.

Thankfully the 23 year-old and his passengers emerged from the incident unscathed.

“I just got into a car accident, police said it wasn’t my fault.. I walked away without a scratch, GOD IS GOOD,” Jones wrote on twitter after the crash.

Jones and some team-mates had been traveling to the park in-between training when the incident occurred, but luckily they were all wearing seat-belts at the time.

The driver of the other car may not have been quite so fortunate however, with Jones showing concern for her health, noting that, She was taken away on a stretcher.”

Despite being shaken by the unexpected turn of events Jones has no intention of calling off his upcoming bout.

“I refuse to allow this situation to steal my joy, the fight will go on.”

In fact, with the light-heavyweight fighters car left a right-off after the collision he now has added motivation to emerge with a win next month.

“Hopefully I get blessed with one of the fight bonuses, my insurance hasn’t kicked in yet and I may have just taken a major lose,” he wrote.

Judging by the state of the car he’s very lucky indeed that things didn’t turn out worse than they did.

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