Jon Jones undoubtedly has one of the most unorthadox fighting styles in the sport as this moment in time, capable of throwing anything from a spinning back-fist to a lateral drop in the blink of an eye.

In a recent interview his next opponent, TUF season 8 winner Ryan Bader stated his belief that Jones will look to tone down some of those moves when they meet in the stacked main card of UFC 126 on February 5th, but Jones says that’s not the case at all.

“Ryan’s mentioned he thinks I’m going to cut down on my flashiness. That’s what he’s afraid of, so that’s exactly what I’ll probably give him the most. Just a lot of weird, unorthadox techniques he’s never seen, even in wrestling.”

While Jones aims to keep him guessing with what he’s going to do next, he feels that he’ll know roughly what to expect from Bader.

“He doesn’t kick, he doesn’t knee, he doesn’t use elbows, he’s doesn’t spin, he doesn’t jump. But he has the power to knock you out with a left hand or a right hand. You have to respect that, that’s just a dangerous thing to have. And that double leg dive can score big points round by round.”

With that in mind Jones feels he knows what he needs to do to have his hand raised at the end of the fight.

“The perfect fight for me…exploit the speed difference, the reach difference, the level of technique to not be taken down, and to just pick him apart. I’m going to keep my hands up, keep it real funky and keep him off-balance.”

Watch Jones full interview below.