There were some eyebrows raised last week when it emerged that UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones wouldn’t be undergoing surgery for a hand injury after all, despite the fact that he had pulled out of a title fight with Rashad Evans specifically for that reason.

In a new interview Jones explains that the decision came after close consultation with a doctor in Las Vegas earlier in the week.

“You know, the way the doctor explained it to me, he’d actually be doing me a disservice by cutting me open, drilling some holes in my bones, and you know, file my bones down and he said, you know, considering the fact that you’re an athlete, the surgery might not be the best thing for you,”
Jones tells MMACanada. “If you’re a normal businessman or something it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but if you’re active it could actually be slowing your hand down instead of helping it get better.”

After deciding not to go ahead with the surgery, Jones management immediately spoke to UFC president Dana White in an attempt to figure out who the champion would face next, and according to ‘Bones’ there’s a few options depending on how things pan out.

“Yeah, he (Dana White)’s talking about me fighting the winner of Davis and Rashad, or you know if that takes too long, maybe fight Machida or Rampage,” Jones confirmed.

Watch the full interview below.