Many people were impressed with Rashad Evans on Saturday night with his well-rounded and dominant performance against Tito Ortiz in the main event of UFC 133, but current light-heavyweight champion and former team-mate Jon Jones was not one of them.

Prior to the fight Jones had predicted on Twitter that Evans would win by “dry hump”, and following his victory noted that ‘Suga’ had just shown the “same stuff” as usual in the Octagon.

UFC president Dana White saw Jones thoughts and actually referenced it during the post-fight press conference, noting that he disagreed with what the champ had to say.

For his part Evans stated that if he had the chance to fight Jones or ‘Rampage’ next he’d pick Jones because he thinks the 24 year-old is believing his own hype. “He’s like go to sleep praising yourself cocky”.

Meanwhile, on Sunday Jones continued to be less than charitable with his thoughts about his former friend turned foe, describing him as “a jealous snake.”

He also went further into his confusion over how the two men came to fall out in the first place.

“sometimes I feel like apologizing for whatever I did to him to make him hate me so much.. he’s says I betray him..

“I cleanly said I would HATE to have to fight my teammate and the ONLY way it could ever possibly happen is if Dana would fire me over it. He used that to start calling me Judas and a @JacksonsMMA trader. He was looking for an excuse to bring out his envy after I won the belt.”

So this war of words doesn’t look as if it’s going to go away any time soon, but for now Jones has to get past another fighter who’s not shy to let his feelings known – Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, with the two set to slug it out at UFC 135 next month.


  1. Quinton Jackson n’ Rashad Evans are gonna fuck John Jones up! It’s like “sugar rampage sweetly breaks-chews up his skinny bones”…