UFC light-heavyweight star Jon Jones is usually one of the UFC’s most easy-going and respectful fighters, but he saw red yesterday after reading comments directed at him by middleweight fighter Aaron Simpson.

“I don’t think Jon Jones has any idea what he is getting into with [Ryan] Bader. I hope he is up for it,” Simpson wrote on twitter about the fighters impending match-up at UFC 126 on February 5th.

Whether or nto he was actually intending to provoke a reaction from Jones, or was merely thinking aloud, ‘Bones’ saw it as a personal attack and was quick to respond.

“Didn’t you lose your last 2 fights? Please don’t piss me off, I actually have respect for Ryan,” Jones fired back.

“Don’t you have a fight scheduled? Focus on yourself instead of weather I’m ready or not? Are you familiar with the strike policy in baseball?”

Simpson is indeed on a two fight losing streak after making an impressive 3-0 start to his UFC career.  As Jones suggests, the wrestlers next fight against Mario Miranda in March will be viewed a must-win if he wants to guarantee his future in the promotion.

Still, Jones comments seem a little harsh and after having time to reflect on it,  it would appear he’s come to the same conclusion.

“I’m going to practice what I preach and not allow this dude to disturbed my peace of mind.. good night y’all.” he said, and earlier today the posts were suddenly removed.

Meanwhile Simpson seems somewhat amused by the commotion his comments caused.

“Angered some Jones fans with my comment about Bader being ready to win. Hehehe…”

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