The next big UFC event on the horizon takes place on September 24th and sees light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones taking on Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson.

Below you’ll find Jones’ thoughts on his upcoming bout thanks to a new pre-fight interview with

His Thoughts On His Fighting Philosophy:

“As a warrior I think it’s dangerous to become obsessed with accolades and belts and rank and stature. I think it’s more about the day to day lifestyle of being a warrior. I think when it comes to fighting there is no destination, it’s really about the journey.”

His Expected Strategy Against Rampage Jackson:

“Obviously I train takedowns every day…but I also train boxing every day, I train flying knees every day, I train kickboxing every day. I train standing up and my own takedown defence every day. So, who knows what will happen. I’m not going to sit here and say I’m not going to take him down to try to please the fans and give them a stand-up brawl.”

His Views On Being Labeled ‘Cocky’ By Rampage:

“A lot of athletes who made their mark long after they are gone were known to be slightly arrogant, and if that’s me, I’m not really neccessarily ashamed of it.”

Watch the full interview below…