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Jon Stewart Mentions Joe Rogan While Blasting Sarah Palin On The Daily Show

Jon Stewart, the quick witted host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central is a master in the art of making Sarah Palin look foolish.

A few nights ago he ably demonstrated that during a skit on his show criticizing some of her recent comments. What’s interesting to MMA fans is that he referenced MMA, and in particular UFC color commentator Joe Rogan while doing so.

“Your critics aren’t motivated by a sincere belief in the corrosive nature of your rhetoric,” Stewart stated sarcastically. “No! They must only see America brought to her knees and they will do anything to keep their foot on the neck of America. They are working desperately to get America to tap out, and then be awkwardly interviewed afterwards by Joe Rogan.”

It’s not the first time mixed martial arts has been mentioned on the show. In fact Stewart has poked fun at it on several occasions over the years, but he makes me laugh so I’m willing to forgive him.

Check out his latest barb at Palin in the video below.

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