Jorge Masvidal pulled off an impressive decision victory this evening, proving to be the better man on both the feet and on the mat against KJ Noons.

Noons may be better known for his boxing skills, but in the first round Masvidal showed that he too knows more than a thing or two about the sweet science as he got the better of the action, utilizing straight punches and good movement.

Masvidal also wisely mixed things up with a takedown, and then when the now bloodied Noons eventually got back to his feet he punished him soon after by connecting with a head kick from nowhere that dropped the former Elite XC champ.

He tried to pour it on and get a finish in the closing stages, but Noons made it out of the round and into the second.

The middle portion of the fight was slightly more evenly contested for the most part on the feet, but Masvidal was continuing to mix in takedowns with his striking which would undoubtedly be catching the eye of the judges. A flying knee in the final seconds of the round connected cleanly and left Noons backpeddling in order to clear the cobwebs.

In the third it looks as if Masvidal feels confident he’s in the lead and is beginning to take his foot of the gas slightly. That allows Noons to become the aggressor in the stand-up briefly before he suddenly finds himself pushed up against the cage and taken down again.

Noons manages to get back to his feet only to be taken down again and Masvidal is able to tick down the clock on top.

Overall it’s an impressive performance for Masvidal, earning him a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3) against a tough opponent. Though he wasn’t able to finish him, it still should be enough to earn him the next title shot against Gilbert Melendez.

As for Noons, this will be a tough loss to take given that he was outperformed in his own speciality – boxing – while also having the other holes in his MMA game put on show. He did show heart, determination and a strong jaw though.