Joseph Benavidez pressure and frequent offense on the feet helped him overcome Zach Makovsky by unanimous decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 82.

Round One:

Makovsky feels out with the jab to start. He attempts a leg kick, but Benavidez clocks him with a punch first.

Benavidez with a shurt flurry of punches as he burst forward. Low leg kick for Machovsky. Another darting attack from Benavidez.

Machovsky suddenly gets in close enough to go for a takedown and he dumps Benavidez to the mat, but his opponent quickly scrambles back upright.

Benavidez back to peppering Makovsky with short combinations of strikes. He lands a punch to the body. Makovsky ducking a punch and looks to clinch, but they end up separating.

Benavidez tagged with a left hand as he presses forward this time. Undeterred Benavidez is right back pressuring him and lands a couple of right hooks. Now he’s going upstairs with a head kick attempt.

Quick clinch from Makovsky, landing a knee to the body as he backs out. Benavidez with a hard body shot against the cage.

Solid kick to the body from Benavidez. Elbow from Makovsky, but Benavidez gets a punch in there too.

Makovsky able to take Benavidez to the mat again, but again Joe-B is up quick. Makovsky staying persistent on these takedown attempts though as the round comes to an end.

Round two:

Makovsky connects with a left hand to start. Benavidez prevents a takedown attempt. Makovsky in again for a takedown, but Benavidez keeps him at bay and lands a knee for good measure.

Benavidez backs Makovsky up against the cage and lands a few punches and a knee before backing up. Couple of punches for Makovsky and a body kick in return from Benavidez. Spinning backfist misses.

Makovsky takes Benavidez down, but he’s really struggling to keep him on the mat for any length of time. He goes for it again and Benavidez tries to reverse it. Makovsky stays in a dominant position, but just can’t keep his opponent down.

Benavidez back to striking, but Makovsky again goes for the takedown, and again Benavidez is quickly back upright.

Body punch for Benavidez. Head kick doesn’t pay off for him. Benavidez pushes Makovsky up agains tthe cage and lands a few knees to the legs before they separate.

Leg kick for Benavidez. He throws a knee, but Makovsky catches it and takes him down. Great scrambling from Benavidez again to stand, but this time Makovsky hops onto his back as he does so. Benavidez remains calm though and is able to get him off his back as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Leg kick from Makovsky. They clinch and both look to land a knee before breaking. Makovsky lands a punch as Benavidez comes forward.

Makovsky pushes Benavidez up against the cage, but Benavidez is able to shove him away.

Makovsky almost ducks into a knee. Benavidez drags Makovsky to the mat potentially looking for a choke, but they are soon back on their feet again.

Brief exchange initiated by Benavidez. Again he moves in and he doesn’t quite get a good connection with his punches, but does land a knee up the middle. Similar situation occurs again and it’s the knee again that pays off.

Benavidez threatening with a kick upstairs. Makovsky down the pipe with a left hand. Solid right hand connection for Benavidez now. Soon after he clips him with a left hand too. Makovsky felt those.

A couple more shots landing for Joe-B. Brief clinch then separation. Makovsky tries a head kick, but it doesn’t pay off. Much higher work rate from Benavidez as has been the case for much of this fight.

Benavidez pressing Makovsky to the cage. They go back to striking range and Benavidez lands a right. Final seconds and Makovsky tries a spinning attack, but gets knocked on the mat. Makovsky kicks his opponent away as Benavidez tries to follow. The final horn sounds and Benavidez raises his hands aloft believing he’s done enough to win.


Benavidez clearly had the higher output in this fight and did a good job springing right back up from Makovsky’s takedowns and so he deservedly earns a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).