Josh Koscheck Calls Out Tito Ortiz

He might be two weight classes below light-heavyweight fighter Tito Ortiz, but that hasn’t stopped one of the welterweight divisions top contenders Josh Koscheck from challenging him to a fight.

Evidently Koscheck was not amused with the actions of Ortiz at UFC 109 in which he taunted the defeated Coleman from outside the cage during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

“Why is Tito Ortiz such a bitch? Talking shit to coleman right after his lose.  After Chuck Liddell fucks him up. I want my shot 2 fuck him up,” Koscheck stated on his twitter account.

Fast forward two days and it’s clear that Koscheck hasn’t backtracked on his statement – in fact it became clear that Ortiz was still very much on his mind.

“Hey @titoortiz so do you think you would take the fight?? About 90% of the people on think I would get you!!!”.

Followed up moments later by:

“2 little?  Look at the old days of the UFC.  I would bet 100k of my own money on it.  After I fu*k this Brit up, I want to kick big mouths ass.”

Ortiz has yet to respond to Koscheck’s taunts, but rest assured it’s only a matter of time before he does!


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