Josh Koscheck Disagrees With Paul Daley’s Assessment Of His Skills

There’s been no love lost between welterweight top contenders Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley in the build-up to their fight at UFC 113 on May 8th.

The two have been trading insults for some time now, and in their pre-fight interviews for the UFC Paul Daley wastes no time in getting a dig in at his opponents expense.

“Josh Koscheck is not a fighter. Josh Koscheck is a wrestler – wrestlers don’t like to fight. Wrestlers like to use their athleticism and they like to win. That’s the mentality of a wrestler.”

So how does that differ from Daley’s outlook on the fight? The UK fighter sees a clear, and rather blunt distinction between the two.

“Koscheck’s coming in to win, I’m coming in to f*ck him up really bad.”

Needless to say Koscheck disagrees with Daley’s assessment of his skill-set.

“In the beginning, yeah I was just a wrestler…now, I’m a mixed martial artist. I have other weapons. I have more than just a right hand. I have wrestling, submissions, I have takedowns, I have ground and pound.”

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that the two also disagree on how the fight is going to end.

“Don’t be surprised if I come out, stand toe-to-toe and knock this guy out,” states Koscheck with confidence.

“I’ll take a thousand Josh Koscheck right hands, and I guarantee you when I land one of mine there’s only going to be one of us standing,” says Daley.

Watch both fighters videos below…

Paul Daley:

Josh Koscheck:


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