Josh Neer was coming off second best in the early stand-up action against Duane Ludwig at UFC On FX 1, but taking the fight to the ground proved to be his route to victory.

Ludwig’s very technical muay thai was the difference in the opening minutes of the fight, with Neer consistently coming off second best as the two men exchanged blows.

In one such flurry Ludwig actually knocked Neer’s mouthpiece out with a punch which caused a brief stoppage, and after they resumed Neer opted to change up his strategy, wisely looking to take Ludwig to the mat.

He succeeded in doing so, opting for a single leg which Ludwig fought off for a spell before finally being dropping down.

Ludwig tries to scramble clear, but it only opens him up for a guillotine choke and Neer immediately pounces on it, squeezing hard and Ludwig was out before he had a chance to tap with 3.04mins of the round gone.

That’s two wins in a row for Neer since returning to the UFC, while this loss brings an end to a two fight unbeaten run for Ludwig.