It wasn’t pretty, but Josh Thomson managed to grind out a unanimous decision victory over KJ Noons tonight in the Strikeforce cage using his wrestling to control the boxer on the mat.

The striking action in the first round was relatively even with Noons looking to push the pace more, but Thomson working some nice push kicks and even a a couple of quick head kicks into the equation.

The most significant action of the round however was Thomson landing a takedown mid-way through. Noons didn’t make it easy for him to secure the position though, continually trying to wriggle free and so ‘The Punk’ spent much of the rest of the round just slowly trying to gain control and ensure that Noons didn’t break free.

Onto the second and Thomson was again looking to get to the takedown, and after some clinch work he did just that. Again this was more about control rather than offensive action from Thomson though, leading to something of a stalemate.

Mid-way through the round the two went back to the striking briefly and Thomson was looking a little weary while Noons was trying to come on strong. It was Noons who was sporting a small cut on his face though, and before long Thomson had again taken him back down to the canvas where he spent the rest of the round.

Despite looking tired Thomson continued to grind out the ‘W’ in the final round with his wrestling based strategy. It wasn’t great to watch and the fans were understandably unhappy with the lack of action, but Noons was simply unable to get back to his feet once he was placed on his back and so ‘The Punk’ was cruising to victory.

The scorecards were really just a formality here, though all three judges did award Noons one round, making it 29-28 x3 overall and a win for Josh Thomson.