Junior Dos Santos Expresses Interest In Boxing At The 2016 Olympic Games

Junior Dos Santos has just achieved his long-held dream to become the UFC’s heavyweight champion, but the ambitious Brazilian is already looking ahead to other potential challenges in his career.

The 27 year-old’s boxing skills have been a big part of his success so far in mixed martial arts, and he’s now tempted by the idea of testing his abilities in the sweet science at an Olympic level.

“My trainings begin and end with Boxing,” Dos Santos tells the TATAME site in a new interview. “There’re dynamics and strategies I’m already used to. But I’ll test myself, it’s inevitable. Who knows I get an Olympic medal. Everything’s possible.”

Of course the 2016 Olympics will be held in his native Brazil which could also be a motivating factor for him.

That’s still a long time away though, and Dos Santos immediate challenges remain in the Octagon with the winner of Brock Lesnar Vs Alistair Overeem on December 30th set to be his next opponent.

‘Cigano’ is not taking the prospect of facing either man lightly.

“I’ll only have giants from now on, so I gotta train like two, three times more than I already do. It’ll be hard now,” he admits.


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