Junior Dos Santos Plans To Exploit Brock Lesnar’s Biggest Weakness

Whatever you may think of him you’ve got to admire Brock Lesnar’s courage.  After being outclassed in the striking department by both Shane Carwin and then Cain Velasquez many fighters in his position may have looked for an easier challenge next time out.

Instead he’s signed up to fight another of the UFC’s heaviest-hitters and current No.1 contender, Junior Dos Santos, who’s ended five of his six bouts in the octagon with his fists –  four of those in the first round.

It’s a bold decision, but Dos Santos has every intention of making sure it ends up being a bad one for the former champion.

He and his camp are well aware of Lesnar’s Achilles heel and they intend to exploit it to the fullest when the two meet in June at UFC 131 after a stint coaching on The Ultimate Fighter 13.

“Brock Lesnar is strong, but we know where he hides his weakness,” Dos Santos boxing coach Luis Carlos Dorea tells TATAME.  “Cigano has always faced the best.  Since he debuted against Werdum, he has only confronted top athletes. I trust he’ll keep trying to get the KO.

“Brock is very strong, a wrestler, but we know his weakness. His weak point is exactly Cigano’s strong point: striking. We know it’ll be a great show, Cigano will go for the knockout and he has all weapons to get there with a win and keep his journey to the belt.”

It definitely looks like Dos Santos, easily one of the most technical boxers in the division, will have a major advantage in the striking in this match-up.  By contrast though, Lesnar will hold a distinct wrestling edge here, something he didn’t have against either Carwin or Velasquez.

Therefore this looks like being a classic striker vs grappler match-up.  If Dos Santos can perfect his takedown defense then Lesnar will be in real trouble, whereas if Lesnar succeeds in getting the Brazilian on his back then we’ll finally have a chance to see whether ‘Cigano’ does have a legitimate ground game or not.


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