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Junior Dos Santos Reacts To Cain Velasquez Defeating Lesnar

No one watching cageside last night was more interested in the outcome than the next challenger for the UFC’s heavyweight title, Junior Dos Santos.

After watching Velasquez demolish Lesnar by first round beatdown the Brazilian couldn’t fail to be impressed with what he saw.

“I’m very surprised. Cain was perfect in the fight because he waited for the early attack from Brock and waited for the right moment to change the fight and win. So, it was very impressive,” Dos Santos told MMAfighting’s Ariel Helwani.

Dos Santos wasn’t overly impressed with Lesnar though, noting that the former champion doesn’t like to get hit.  He also felt that Lesnar came out with the wrong gameplan.

“When Brock started the fight he started like a beast, attacking all the time.  I said, ‘he’s going to get tired soon.”

“In my mind that’s what happened there.  He got tired and Cain changed the fight.”

As for who he really wanted to fight, Dos Santos said it didn’t matter to him.

So how does he fancy his chances against the new champion?

“This man is tough!” Dos Santos acknowledged with a smile.  “I think I”m tough too and I believe so much in me and my hands.  I think he’s going to try to put me down, but I have a good [takedown defense.]

As for when the fight will take place, the Brazilian admits that he doesn’t know, though he hopes it’ll be in February or March, or ideally sooner.

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