Junior Dos Santos Wins After Punishing Roy Nelson For Three Full Rounds

Junior Dos Santos and Roy Nelson battled to become the next No.1 contender in the UFC’s heavyweight division tonight at UFC 117.

Respectful of Dos Santos stand-up Nelson came out with his hands held high to protect his head which was just as well as for most of the next three rounds Dos Santos threw everything but the kitchen sink at Nelson, finding particular success with his powerful uppercuts and slick boxing combinations.

Many had expected Nelson to take this fight to the floor and test Dos Santos ground game, but that proved to be easier said than done as the Brazilian showed his strength and excellent takedown defense to shrug off the bigger man and leave him with little option other than to stand and take what was being thrown at him.

Nelson has a hell of chin though and despite offering in return other than an occasional dangerous overhand right and clearly struggling cardio wise in the later rounds he stuck it out until the bitter end.

This was a humbling defeat for Nelson though who picks up the fifth loss of his career. As for Dos Santos this was another impressive display, despite going the distance for the first time in his career. He now awaits the winner of October’s Brock Lesnar Vs Cain Velasquez title fight, and there’s no question that he’s a worthy opponent for either of them.

Dos Santos 11-1 Nelson 15-4


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