Keith Jardine Earns TKO Victory Over Aron Lofton In New Mexico

Former UFC star Keith Jardine racked up another win outside the promotion last night at an event title ‘Fresquez Productions: Double Threat’ in New Mexico.

Jardine took just 3.30mins to stop Aron Lofton (who was 8-4 going into the fight) by TKO after a ground and pound assault.

This was Jardine’s second win in a row after having beaten Francisco France at ‘Nemesis Fighting’ back in December, and helps to put some distance between Jardine and a dismal five fight losing streak during 2009-2010.

On the same event former world champion boxer Holly Holm made a successful start to her MMA career with a second round TKO win over Christina Domke (4-1 going into the fight).

Surprisingly, despite her boxing skills, it was a series of leg kicks that won the day for Holm.

Watch video highlights of both fights below.

Holm victorious in MMA debut, Jardine is also a winner:


  1. dear kieth we all love you god please go with you i hope you had fun and fighting and you are the best at fighting thats what all the madrids think about you and especially jadyn madrid i love you the most out of all the madrid family and all your fans.Good fight that was a good fight you tried your best and you won the fight that means you tried your best so have a good career god go with you and jodi your girlfriend and yours and jodis family all of them .love the madrids have fun sincerly jadyn madrid


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