Keith Jardine Loses To Trevor Prangley By Split Decision

Keith Jardine’s chin has been questionable for a number of years in the UFC and in the early stages of the opening round of the main event Shark Fights 13 Trevor Prangley once again exposed it with a powerful knee that had him in real danger.

Currently on a four fight losing streak Jardine dug deep to try to prevent a fifth, and as Prangley took him down he showed his survival instincts by working for an armbar.  Prangley was able to fight it off, but by the end of the round Jardine was back on his feet and throwing blows as a cut above his eye streamed blood.

Not the best of starts for Jardine and after trying to work his way back into the stand-up battle in the second round he was caught once again as he rushed in and ate an uppercut which momentarily floored him.  Prangley looked a little tired, but he was now settling into the counter-punching role in this fight and his power was giving Jardine plenty to think about as he tried to press the action.

Into the third round and now it was the time for Jardine to go for broke, but he started cautiously.  Things heated up in the final two minutes though as Jardine finally started to put together a concerted assault on the South African who appeared to be running low on gas.  Jardine landed a number of solid blows to the face of his opponent but though it undoubtedly won him the round it was ultimately too little too late.

There was a brief moment of drama from the judges when it emerged that we were heading to a split decision, but in the end Trevor Prangley rightly has his hand raised.

In his post-fight interview Prangley admitted this was the biggest win of his career, noting that he’s really a middleweight.  Despite by his own admission being in the twilight of his career the 38 year-old showed he’s still got what it takes and he’ll now head back to Strikeforce with renewed belief after this performance.

As for Jardine a quick return to the UFC now appears off the cards and with five straight defeats on his record and with more questions raised over his chin this is going to be a tough loss for the 34 year-old to get over.


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