Keith Jardine Speaks Out After Being Released By The UFC

One of the most significant cuts from the UFC roster in recent times has been that of Keith Jardine.

It didn’t come as a great surprise given that he had just lost four fights in a row, but having been a mainstay in the promotion’s light-heavyweight division since appearing on The Ultimate Fighter Season 2 back in 2005, and having notched up 13 fights and wins over the likes of Chuck Liddell, Forrest Griffin and Brandon Vera, some believed he would be kept on regardless of his record.

It appears that ‘The Dean Of Mean’ himself is taking the news fairly well though judging by his latest blog in which he discusses his feelings on the matter.

“Last week I was let go by the UFC. I was sad to get the news but it was expected. I’ve always been proud to be a UFC fighter and they have been real good to me. I can’t help but to feel a bit like I’m losing a family.

As for now, I’m more motivated than ever. I’m going to take a vacation for a week then get back to work. Already, there are a lot of offers for fights coming I’m. Some are exciting. Starting over doesn’t sound so bad to me. Although my career is at a crossroads my story is only half written. I have a lot of fight left in me and I continue to improve with every fight. Anyway, I’m best when the chips are stacked against me and I will make it to the top. Thanks to all of my fans.”

Despite his poor record of late, Jardine should still be able to handle himself outside of the ultra-competitive UFC light-heavyweight division, and if he can string a few wins together in the smaller promotions then Dana White has already said that the door is open for him to return.


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