Keith Jardine Suspended Indefinitely For Pushing Official

Not only did former UFC fighter Keith Jardine suffer his fifth loss in a row at Shark Fights 13 last weekend, he also picked up an indefinite suspension for pushing an official at the event.

The incident occurred as Jardine stepped into the prep point prior to his fight with Trevor Prangley, which he would go on to lose by split decision.

According to Jardine’s manager John Madrid the incident was a simple misunderstanding.

“What happened, when Keith got through the crowd area, he was stopped and somebody was pulling on his shirt, out of reaction Keith pushed the guy to get him off and it happened to be (a Texas official),” Madrid says.

Interestingly it turns out the moment was caught on tape, and you can watch below.

After viewing this it appears as if the official was being overly fussy, but at the same time he did clearly let go of the t-shirt before being glared at by Jardine and then pushed a couple of seconds later.

What may so far have slipped under people’s radar is that Jardine appeared to have an issue with another official a day earlier at the weigh-ins for the event.

If you look at the video below you can see Jardine again reacting angrily when an official asked him to take off his hat prior to weighing in, though there was no physical contact on that occasion.

The fighter will now have to appear at a hearing at some stage in the future, though so far he has been given no word on when that is likely to be.


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