Ken Shamrock Talks About His Upcoming fight With James Toney

At a recent press conference in California Ken Shamrock and James Toney announced their intention to fight in a bout that would effectively be a hybrid of MMA and boxing.

In an interview with Shamrock following the presser Shamrock took time to explain the concept of the fight to MMAWeekly.

Essentially the bout will be similar to an MMA bout, but if the fight goes to the ground then there will be a 30 second time limit before they get stood back up again.

According to Shamrock this gives boxers a real chance to be competitive against mixed martial artists without having to have gone through years of ground training, and so will help boxers have more of a chance to showcase their skills.

Check out more of what Shamrock had to say about the bout, which will take place in the Autumn, below…


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