Kendall Grove Relegated To Undercard For Criticizing Spike TV

The Ultimate Fighter Season three winner Kendall Grove has found himself in hot water after openly criticizing Spike TV for their handling of the TUF series.

“It’s a business to Spike TV, that’s who runs it. Spike TV. This is just a theory of mine, but Spike TV pretty much runs everything off of ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’” told TapouT Radio earlier this week.

“People do that stuff. Why? Because it’s ratings. Is it a health violation? Hell yeah, but did you see the Spike TV people stop that from happening? No, but it sells ratings and that’s all they care about. They could give two [expletives] about our careers,” he continued.

“They just care about the six weeks that they’re shooting and trying to get as much drama and stupidity out of us and that’s all we are to them is cattle and sheep.”

Needless to say those remarks didn’t sit well with both the UFC and the Spike TV execs. As a result Grove has found his UFC 116 bout with Goran Reljic next week removed from the Spike TV aired prelims to an un-aired undercard slot. In it’s place another former TUF fighter Seth Petruzelli now finds him promoted to the slot for his comeback fight with newcomer Ricardo Romero.

Whether there was an element of truth to Grove’s remarks or not there’s no doubt that this was a case of ‘biting the hand that feeds you,’ and realizing the error of his ways, Grove took once again to the airwaves on TapouT radio to apologize for his earlier remarks.

“First of all, I’d like to say that a lot of it wasn’t fact. Like I said in the beginning of the interview, don’t quote me on it and obviously everybody quotes me on it,” the humbled Hawaiian fighter stated.

“I’d like to send out my deepest apologies to the producers at Spike, after all that’s what saved the UFC, I think. There I go putting my foot in my mouth, but the show does wonders for careers. It did for mine.”

It was definitely not a smart move from Grove who, despite having won a series of TUF, has not made the same impact as other early winners of the show.

While season 1 and 2 victor’s Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans both went on to win the light-heavyweight title, Diego Sanchez fought for the lightweight title, and season 3’s Michael Bisping has fought in a number of high profile fights, Grove has struggled to put together a consistent run that would put him in title contention.

At present his UFC record stands at 5-4, but recently he’s posted just one win in his last three fights and if there’s still a grudge being held over his recent remarks then a loss to Reljic next Saturday could see him edge dangerously close to being pushed out the door.



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