After Kim Couture’s recent first round defeat to Kerry Vera at the Strikeforce Challengers event, it would appear that she has been getting little in the way of support from her fellow female fighters.

Kerry Vera Is Now 2-0
Kerry Vera's Record Is Now 2-0

Speaking on The MMA Hour radio show just days after the fight Kerry Vera, wife of UFC star Brandon Vera, was asked if she believed Couture, now 1-2 in the sport, had a future in mixed martial arts.

“She had trained for a year and a half for this fight and I just didn’t see it.   I just don’t know if she has it in her – some people have it some people don’t,” said Vera, who’s own MMA record now stands at 2-0.

She went on to elaborate further on her impressions of Couture leading up to, and during the fight.

“I expected more out of her, just from her interviews alone. She had a lot of confidence. she was so confident she was going to take me out in the first. She said she had so much aggression, she’s had so much time, she’s been through a lot – she felt sorry for anyone who got in there with her,” Vera told the host, Ariel Helwani.

“I was like damn this girl’s confident! I was like, alright, she must be bringing something good, you know? I didn’t really feel it in the fight. I mean she had good pressure…she was doing this funky switch step, I don’t know what that was. So, yeah, I did expect a little bit more from her. On the cage she couldn’t really do anything to me, she couldn’t take me down…so yeah, I expected more.”

Toughill Has Strong Opinions About Couture

Kerry Vera was not the only female fighter who appeared less than impressed with Couture though. Established female MMA fighter and former boxer Erin Toughill (10-2-1) was even more critical of her performance when she spoke out on The Underground forum.

“For someone who has had THREE pro fights and took 3 weeks off from training in a year…fighting is not for you. Keeping your hands @ chest level, doing crazy far away switch stances and JUMPING in w left hooks only to be TKOd in minutes…I dont know who your striking coach is, but rewatch your fight…and start sparring and getting HIT during training.”

Toughill went on to allege that Couture had used her former husband’s name to help boost her own career in the sport.

“Stop living off Randy’s name and stop pretending that you are a MMA fighter. If you wanna fight – go ahead, but use Borrego instead of Couture & work your way up like everyone else. Fighting is not for everyone, and its not good or bad, it just is.”

Woman’s MMA is still in a formative stage and many female fighters struggle to find regular fights, particularly on higher profile events like Strikeforce. It would appear that Couture’s marriage to a famous fighter has afforded her opportunities that others have struggled to obtain despite having more success in the sport. It was a point that hadn’t escaped Toughill’s attention.

“There are SO many women fighters that feel the same way…I just dont have an issue saying it. She has no business fighting nor taking spotlight from women who deserve to fight & cant seem to get a contract, like Roxy, Young, Tate…2 name a few.”

After the criticism she has faced from her fellow pro’s it will be interesting to see whether Kim Couture will take it on the chin and fight back, or will look to hang up her gloves and move on to pastures new.

Watch Kim Couture’s full fight with Kerry Vera below.

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