Kimbo Slice Leaves it Late To Win His Latest Boxing Fight (Video Inside)

Former MMA fighter turned boxer Kimbo Slice continued to attempt to build a name for himself in boxing last night with his fourth professional bout, but it almost turned out to be another disaster for the bare-knuckle brawler.

Slice was facing Brian Green, who is in fact an experienced MMA fighter himself with a 27-17 record. Green had stepped into the fight at late notice, and was a curious choice given that he’s a natural middleweight, though come fight time he was 223lbs, still some 22lbs lighter than his opponent.

Scheduled for four rounds, Green got the better of the action for the majority of the fight and while admittedly tiring in the final stanza he looked to be cruising to an upset victory.

However, with just three seconds to go Slice connected with an uppercut to the chin and Green dropped like a stone, handing the 38 year-old a KO victory and taking his boxing record to 4-0.

In the aftermath of the bout some people have claimed the result was suspicious. You can judge for yourselves by watching the entire round below.

One things for sure though, if Kimbo can’t beat an out-of-shape middleweight MMA fighter masquerading as a boxer on short notice then we can safely put to bed any notion that he’s going to take the boxing world by storm.

No suprises there then!


  1. What happened to Kimbo? The Kimbo from the fight with the guy with the split eye was unstoppable. He was even asking his opponent to hit him. He was a bit heavier at that time and also a bit hungrier to break into the fight game, and at his age at that time….he had nothing to lose. It may be, i suppose, he has totally let MMA get to his head. After losing to Roy Nelson in the TUF, he may have realized that being in the limelight against proper fighters may be something that is beyond his skillset or at least beyond his confidence. I am not sure if he is just in the boxing game for a paycheck or if he truly believes he has a shot at the greatness that many of us once thought he potential had in the MMA game.

  2. I think it’s just a case of there being a big difference between looking good while beating up random dudes in your backyard Vs going up against a trained professional.

    Kimbo entered into MMA with a lot of hype, decent hands for a man-on-the-street and a mean looking beard, but that’s about it.


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