King Mo And ‘Babalu’ Sobral Could Disrupt Strikeforce’s Title Plans

Prior to tonight’s headline bout at Strikeforce Los Angeles between Robbie Lawler and Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral the company’s CEO Scott Coker appeared to have the future all mapped out for the winner.

“I think that that fight, the winner, if Babalu wins and looks good, he will be first in line for a matchup against King Mo (Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal). Robbie, if he wins the fight, will be first in line to have a title shot at 185 against (Ronaldo) “Jacare” (Souza). Normally, we don’t put those fights out there, but I just wanted to let everyone know that this fight will have consequences and it will be an interesting show and we’re looking forward to putting it on.”

On paper that all sounds fine, though it indicates the lack of depth in Strikeforce’s roster that Babalu could be headed for another title shot just one fight after losing by KO to Gegard Mousasi.

The main problem however is that neither King Mo or Sobral want to fight each other.

“That won’t happen,” was Sobral’s blunt reply in an interview with MMAHeat when asked about the possibility of that fight taking place.

King Mo also firmly shut the door on the suggestion.

“The thing is, Babalu is like my brother,” he told   “I knew him before I started fighting and he was actually my favorite fighter when I first started to really follow the sport,” explained Lawal. “I’ll fight anybody but him.”

So that leave’s Strikeforce with a potential headache, though a win for Robbie Lawler could solve the problem in the short-term.

It still leaves the question of who King Mo will fight next.  The 205lb champion himself still has one man in mind though.

“I really want to fight Fedor. Fedor isn’t unbeatable. I know women who can beat him. I think Overeem will beat him, but that fight may never happen.  If I was offered a fight with him tomorrow, I’d take it.”

As I’ve said before I don’t think King Mo has earned a shot at Fedor yet.  His victory over Gegard Mousasi was certainly a feather in his cap, but it wasn’t an impressive performance, and after just claiming the title his immediate focus should be on defending it.

With so few options available I still have a sneaky feeling that Dan Henderson could end up being his next opponent, despite his loss to Jake Shields at 185lbs.


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