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KJ Noons Suffers Broken Jaw And Hand Against Nick Diaz

Welterweight title challenger KJ Noons went five hard rounds with the champion Nick Diaz at Strikeforce: San Jose, and afterwards he revealed the toll it had taken on him physically.

“I just got the x-rays.  I think my hand…well, I know my [left] hand is broke, I broke it I think in the second round.  My jaw is broke, I broke it in the first round,” he revealed at the post-fight press conference.

Thought he didn’t pin-point it exactly, it could well be that his jaw broke in an exchange mid-way through the first round when Diaz dropped Noons with a chopping right hand.

Clearly Noons showed real heart to continue fighting through his injuries, and he insists he never had any intention of quitting.

“I fought all five rounds so I think that says a lot about my character and what type of fighter I am,” Noons said, adding later, “I’m a soldier man, I’m not going to give up.  I’m a warrior.”

Even though though the dust is still settling on their latest encounter, Noons is still entertaining the possibility of a rematch.

“It’s really up to Strikeforce.  I think it’d be exciting but, you know.  like I said, maybe I might go for the 155 title, maybe I will build my way back up for a rubber match.  I’m down for whatever the fans want to see, whatever’s fair, you know?”

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