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Koscheck Discusses Paul Daley’s Sucker-Punch, Eye-Gouging And Greasing

There were plenty of stories emerging from the fifteen fight between Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley at UFC 113, and in his post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani, he added in a few extra story-lines for good measure.

Firstly the fighter admitted that he was goading Daley just moments before the UK fighter sucker-punched him after the bell.

“I was talking to him in his ear just a little bit, letting him know some of the things he said during the countdown show weren’t very polite, and he didn’t take to kindly of it.”

Other than the cheap-shot that Daley then took at him, Koscheck also accuses him of two other illegal acts that were not caught on camera.

“He started eye-gouging me…first off he’s a blatant cheater. He had oil all over him.” Asked to clarify the oil comment he went on to say, “Yeah you know, I think I could smell it from the beginning, so, no big deal, I knew what I had to do and that was to go out and get the victory.”

Despite the animosity between the two, Koscheck was not amongst those who wanted to see Daley cut from the UFC for his actions.

“That’s not my opinion.  Paul Daley’s a good fighter, he’s a tough fighter.  One dimensional but he’s a very tough opponent and you know, I think he’ll be back to fight another day.”

Despite his accusations regarding Daley’s cheating, Koscheck himself had been suspected of cheating earlier in the fight when he appeared to over-react to an apparent illegal knee that video replays suggested didn’t hit actually connect.  The fighter re-affirmed his belief that he did get hit however.

“Yeah, absolutely.  He hit me with something while I was down, so I don’t know if it was a knee, fist or what, but I got hit pretty hard and you know, I could have quite, and I got up and kept fighting.”

Koscheck also revealed that his training camp for this fight hadn’t been ideal, though he was reluctant to get into specifics.

“This was a big test for me to get here for this fight.  Lots of things went wrong in training…not making an excuses but it was the toughest training camp of my life.  A lot of personal issues…I just want to thank god for being on my side, he got me here and got me through this.”

Watch Josh Koscheck’s full post-fight interview courtesy of below:

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