Latest News On UFC Undisputed 2010

New information on THQ’s upcoming UFC Undisputed 2010 game is starting to pour in now, so let’s take a look at the latest news of this eagerly awaited title.

Firstly two of the four additional fighters who will be available excusively to those who pre-order the title from Gamestop have now been announced.  They are James McSweeney and Marcus Jones, two of the heavyweights from last years TUF season 10 show.

Meanwhile THQ have been giving a greater insight into the submission system which has been given an overhaul for the 2010 edition.

For starters there will be more than twice the number of submissions available to players than in the 2009 version.  New additions include the Americana, D’Arce Choke, Peruvian Necktie, Achilles Lock, Heel Hook, Arm Triangle along with a number of leg locks, and special ‘signature’ submissions from certain fighters.

Many of these submissions will be available only from certain positions, such as whether your postured up or down when in your opponents guard.

Also new to UFC Undisputed 2010 is submission switching which will allow you to lock in one submission, and then transition into another – such as moving from an armbar into a triangle for instance.

Expect A Host Of New Submissions In The 2010 Edition

This should to lead to more interesting battles on the ground, though it doesn’t necessarily give the fighter pulling off the chain of submission attempts an advantage as there are other factors to consider  As with last years game the fighters submission offense and defense attributes play a role in deciding the outcome of a submission attempt, but in 2010 stamina and energy are also factors to consider.

If you maintain your energy levels then you will be awarded a submission defense bonus which could help you fend off an attempt from a fighter with superior submission skills.  On the other hand if your opponent is low on energy then you are awarded an offensive bonus when you attempt a submission.

Along with news of the ground game THQ have also stated that fights can now be ended by a stoppage due to cuts and injuries.

Another improvement is that fighters will not all have the same uniform set of movements as before.  Instead fighters of different disciplines (such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling) will now have their own stances, movement and animations.

That’s all for now, but expect to hear more about the additions to the game in the coming weeks as we head towards the May 25th release date.


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