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Lee Murray Discusses His Day-To-Day Life In A Morrocan Prison

Lee Murray is arguably MMA’s most notorious villain, having been the alleged mastermind behind Britain’s biggest ever cash robbery, stealing over $100,000,000 from a Securitas Depot in England.

The former UFC fighter was eventually caught after having fled to Morocco, and was then sentenced to 10 years in prison – a term that late last year was extended to 25 years.

Up until this point there’s been very little word from Murray, but out-of-the-blue the MiddleEasy website were offered the chance to interview him via a string of text messages back-and-forth from his cell in Morocco.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview is when Murray gives an insight into what life is like for him behind bars.

“Wake up about 8am,we have our own hob to cook food on so I make some breakfast, usually oats, fruit yogurt and protein shake, then 9:30am the door opens to go out to the yard so I usually do some cardio, interval training with sprints and stuff, train for about a one hour, then go back to the room and have a carb and protein drink, then I heat a big saucepan of water and tip it into a bucket a go into the toilet room to have a shower if that’s what u want to call it. I use a pot to scoop the water out the bucket to tip over me, when I finish I have something to eat again, something light. The door closes again at 11am, I sleep a little, then the door opens at 2:30pm, there’s a guy here who was a kickboxing champion Zakaria Moussaoui. Me and him do some Thai training, pad work sparring or kettle-bells, then at 5pm the door closes again till the morning. I have something to eat at 6pm, then I pass some time by reading some books or mags, watch some DVDs, UFC, movies. … Then at 10pm I eat again and about 1-2am I sleep. It’s not too bad.”

During the interview Murray makes it clear that despite his 25 year sentence, he still maintains hope that he’ll be released early, and he dreams of fighting in the UFC.

“I truly believe I’m gonna be out sooner rather than later, and when I’m out, I’m gonna be back better than ever and  If Dana gave me the chance to fight in the UFC again, which wouldn’t be a problem now because i don’t need a visa for certain countries, I would become UFC champion, without a doubt. I would bet dollars against doughnuts that I would be champ, and then I would be immortal. Can you imagine that story? That would be one hell of a story…I believe it’s still possible!!”

If he did make it out ‘Lightning’ reckons he could be in shape and ready to fight in just six months.

“I always kept myself in good shape even when I was isolated by myself. It’s easy now I have a sparring partner who has stand-up skills that could hold his own with most fighters in the welterweight and middleweight division in the UFC. I have kettle-bells, dumbbells, skipping ropes, bands, the only thing I’m missing here is the wrestling & BJJ, it wouldn’t take me long to get back to the top and  besides, I’m more hungry than ever. The first opponent would get a hole punched in his head.”

Be sure to read the full interview over at the MiddleEasy website.

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