Yesterday the UFC held a press conference with the doctor who operated on Anderson Silva on Saturday night after he broke his leg in the Octagon at UFC 168.

Below you can listen to the full press conference courtesy of, and we’ve also provided a few keynotes from the conversation too.

– According to the Doctor, Silva’s first words after surgery were, “when can I train?”, and has continued to inquire about it since, perhaps suggesting that his fighting career isn’t over after all.

– His broken leg, which was described as “fairly severe” almost “much, much worse” is expected to take between 3-6 months to heal, and it’ll be 6-9 months before he’ll be able to train again.

– The bone fracture came outside of the joints, so when it heals his leg will essentially be back to normal.

– Silva is already up and walking about on crutches which surprised the doctor.