Listen To Brock Lesnar Comment On The Frank Mir Situation

Brock Lesnar was in good form recently when he spoke to the KFAN radio station in Minneapolis about Frank Mir’s recent comments in which he stated that he hoped the fighter would die in the octagon.

It appears that the remarks have not fazed the current champion as he joked about Mir’s wife having to apologize for him, and even tried to suggest that his rival’s words had perhaps been taken out of context.

“It was out of line, but in a fighters mentality I don’t want to go into the Octagon and kill somebody but I do wanna do whatever I can to win. Maybe that’s what he was saying, I don’t know.”

Lesnar did however state that he hoped that Mir beat Carwin so that he could have the chance to fight him again.

Listen to highlights from the interview below:


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