The way Jon Jones effortlessly disposed of a hugely talented fighter like Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua at UFC 128 tonight suggests that even at the age 23 he’s ready to take on anyone, anytime.

After the fight it was established that his team-mate Rashad Evans will be the first challenger to his light-heavyweight belt, but could a ‘superfight’ with middleweight champion Anderson Silva also be on the horizon?

UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta appears to be already contemplating the possibility if his most recent twitter post is anything to go by.

“Bones Vs, Silva – Who wants it?” Fertitta tweeted after Jones masterful display in the Octagon.

The answer is of course: everybody!

For some time GSP Vs Silva has been many MMA fans dream, but even though that fight is now closer than ever to becoming a reality, it’s quite possible that Silva vs Jones might eclipse it.

Silva has all but run out of challenges at 185lbs, and with St.Pierre appearing somewhat reluctant to move up in weight to fight ‘The Spider’, this might be a perfect alternative.

There are obstacles though. For one Silva has stated frequently in recent times that he’s happy just to stay at 185lbs. There’s also the fact that Silva and Jones apparently have bonded after getting to know each other backstage at UFC 126 back in February, and ‘Bones’ has stated that the current pound-for-pound best fighter in the world is who he looks up to in the sport.

It didn’t appear to take much persuasion to get Jones to fight his friend and mentor Rashad Evans though, so anything’s possible.