Lorenzo Fertitta Says Dan Hardy Won’t Be Cut After Fourth Consecutive Loss

After picking up his fourth consecutive loss in a row this evening the writing appeared to be on the wall for main event star Dan Hardy.

The talk all week had been that a loss to Chris Lytle would all but certainly result in his exit from the UFC, but a message on Twitter from UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta immediately after he watched Hardy get tapped out by Lytle suggests otherwise.

“Will not cut @danhardymma I like guys that WAR!!!” wrote Fertitta.

If that does prove to be the case then it’s a huge let-off for Hardy who has struggled to rediscover the form that saw him win his first four fights and earn him a shot at Georges St.Pierre’s welterweight title.

He has set himself out as a distinctive character in the promotion however with his mohican haircut, sharp wit and love of stand-up battles, and with the 29 year-old being one of the UK’s best known fighters he can certainly still be an asset to the company.


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